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GSE Solutions Announces Newly Expanded Service Offerings Specifically for Nuclear Power Plant Life Extensions

GSE Systems, Inc. (“GSE Solutions” or “GSE” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: GVP), a leader in advanced engineering services and workforce solutions that support the future of clean-energy production and decarbonization initiatives of the power industry, today announced it has begun to offer newly expanded service offerings specifically for nuclear power plant life extension services.

GSE Engineering Services, Programs & Performance group has been a trusted industry expert on engineering programs in the nuclear industry since its inception in 1999. Since then, GSE has assisted most utilities across the country developing new or enhanced programs. With many of these facilities obtaining life extensions, GSE is adding license renewal and plant life extension capabilities to its already formidable programmatic expertise. It is a natural extension of the programmatic services the company has and continues to provide for to its nuclear power clients, especially as these programs provide much of the historical data needed to justify life extension and adjustment to those same programs via additional tasks or periodicities that typically comprise many of the commitments needed to support the extension.

The new services will leverage GSE’s current resources and strategic industry alliances throughout the robust life extension and license submittal process, which often requires significant code and engineering programs experience, aging analysis expertise, probabilistic risk assessment, and coordination with plant personnel and resources. GSE’s experts and unique industry alliances are deeply entrenched in industry task groups and users’ groups and can leverage relationships to navigate license renewals – faster and on budget.

“GSE Engineering Services, Programs & Performance has been a trusted name in nuclear power plant programs for over two decades, which makes offering license renewal and life extension services a natural fit,” Don Horn, President, GSE Engineering Services. “Our experts are experienced in keeping nuclear plants running optimally while being mindful of regulatory constraints and commitments. These are important, value-added services that our clients are demanding, especially with many applying or will be applying for life extensions in the near future.”

We are the future of operational excellence in the power industry, with specialization for the nuclear power industry, as well as gas-fired and LNG applications. GSE Solutions leverages top talent and technology to provide advanced engineering services and flexible workforce solutions that support the future of clean energy. Our specialized solution teams include design and analysis, systems and simulation, programs and performance, technical staffing, and training help the power industry reduce risk, extend plant operational lifetime, and optimize performance. GSE is a proven, with over five decades of experience, more than 1,100 installations, and customers in over 50 countries spanning the globe. www.gses.com

GSE Engineering Services, Programs & Performance is formerly known as GSE True North Consulting.

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