SightlineU3Ois a nuclear industry research organization reporting through a monthly newsletter and supporting website created and maintained to provide uranium investors and industry stakeholders with a single source of insight into the ongoing factors that directly affect uranium prices.

The SLU3O8 Outlook; is an in-depth forecast model, optimized to anticipate the timing and extent of pending changes in uranium prices.  Projections are maintained quarterly and based on the analysis of uranium price movement relative to detailed supply and demand changes over the past 15 years.

The SLU3O8 Equity Index tracks the relative share price of a select basket of uranium-based equities, checking the market’s reaction to industry activities.  The Index is based on share price movement since January 1, 2012 (1,000.00) of the following companies*:

  • Cameco Corporation
  • Denison Mines Limited
  • Energy Fuels Inc.
  • UEX Corporation
  • UR-Energy Inc.
  • Uranium Energy Corp.
  • Uranium Participation Corp

Historic long-term and spot uranium prices are provided by Ux Consulting Company

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* As the significant stock price movement of Fission Uranium Corp and NexGen Energy Ltd. is a function of major uranium discoveries, we have not included their stock performance in the Index to better reflect the uranium equities market in general.