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South Korea Working on Nuclear Energy-based Hydrogen Production

Prime Minister Han Duck-soo said on Aug. 31 that the South Korean government is working on various hydrogen production techniques, including production from nuclear power-based electricity.

Han made the comment during a congratulatory speech at the H2 Mobility Energy Environment Technology (MEET) 2022, which opened at the KINTEX Convention Center.

The development of the technique is one of the presidential campaign pledges that became the government’s national policy goals. Hydrogen exists in a non-element form such as water and heavy hydrogen and it is required to break this compound in order to obtain hydrogen. Grey hydrogen is obtained through oil byproduct decomposition and green hydrogen is obtained when renewable energy is used. Nuclear power-based decomposition leads to pink hydrogen production. What he mentioned is pink hydrogen produced with small modular reactors.

The third H2 MEET exhibition at the KINTEX Convention Center is until Sept. 3. A total of 241 enterprises and organizations are participating in it from 16 countries. Their exhibits include various techniques and technologies for hydrogen mobility, charging infrastructure and energy storage.

Source: Business Korea