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Two units of the first overseas project for HPR1000 enter operation

On April 18, the second unit of HPR1000 overseas, K3 unit in Karachi, Pakistan, passed the temporary acceptance. By this time, the two units of the first overseas project of HPR1000 are in operation.


The construction of HPR1000 Projects in Pakistan epitomizes the deepening comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership between China and Pakistan in the New Era, and our mutual commitment to green and low-carbon development and to addressing climate change for global carbon peak and carbon neutrality. Moreover, it is a concrete move to build a community of shared future for mankind with nuclear energy, and further bolsters the confidence of countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative in HPR1000 technology.


To date, Unit 5 & 6 in Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant, and Unit 2 & 3 in Karachi Nuclear Power Plant, are in operation. The Unit 2 at Karachi in particular has established records of the shortest construction period and the best construction performance for the first Gen-III units around the world, and won the award of the best practice in international energy cooperation. On January 1, 2022 on the lunar calendar, the EPC contract to build the Argentine nuclear power project with HPR1000 technology was signed.


Source: CNNC