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Operation of Nuclear Power Plants Likely to be Extended

Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP) initiated a procedure to extend the operation of Kori Nuclear Power Plant Unit 2 from April next year. A series of nuclear power plant service life extensions are likely to be conducted with the new government in favor of the expansion of nuclear power generation.

The unit is the third nuclear power plant of South Korea, which was put into operation in 1983. It was designed to operate until April next year. On April 4, KHNP submitted its report on safety issues related to the extended operation to the Nuclear Safety and Security Commission.

The commission will check the report, and then KHNP will submit an application for the operation to the commission. Once the Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety and the commission approve, the plant can remain in operation until 2033.
At present, a total of 24 nuclear power plants are in operation in South Korea and those include 10 to reach the end of the service life in or before 2030. In December 2020, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy decided not to extend their operation. The decision is likely to be nullified under the new government.

Source: Business Korea