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Zaporizhzhia NPP, status update

For the fourth day in a row, the Zaporizhzhia NPP and the Enerhodar city remain under the control of Russian military units.

Two power units of Zaporizhzhia NPP are in operation and are connected to the grid, one unit is in outage, the others are in the shutdown mode.

Operational personnel monitor the state of power units and ensure their safe operation in accordance with the requirements of the operating documentation.

The NPP automated radiation monitoring system and automated radiation situation monitoring system in the control and observation areas operate in standard mode, changes in radiation situation at the NPP site, control and observation areas are not registered.

The 750 kV high-voltage line remains disconnected due to its damage occurred on 6 March 2022 in the area of Vasylivka settlement, Zaporizhzhia region.

The Zaporizhzhia NPP website is currently not functional, the information on the radiation situation is not available to the public in real time mode.

Due to launching national roaming between the Ukrainian mobile operators in the test mode, mobile communication is being improved, including in the Zaporizhzhia NPP area.

There is no possibility to supply the foodstuff to the shops, most of the Internet service providers do not provide Internet access services until now.

We emphasize that any psychological pressure on NPP personnel and interference in their work has a negative impact on nuclear and radiation safety!

Source: Energoatom