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Reactor Pressure Vessel of Second Power Unit Reached Akkuyu NPP

New materials and equipment produced for Akkuyu NPP were delivered to the Eastern Cargo Terminal located on site. Departing from the Saint Petersburg Port in the northwest of Russia, the cargo ship arrived in Turkey, and in addition to the reactor pressure vessel of the 2nd power unit, the second layer sections of the inner protective shell of the 3rd power unit, pipelines and other equipment and materials were also delivered to the field. delivered.

The reactor pressure vessel, which is the most important equipment of the nuclear power plant, is the section where the core of the power plant is located during the operation phase. Nuclear fuel and structural elements are placed inside the core for a managed nuclear reaction and transfer of heat energy to the cooler. The reactor pressure vessel, which is a vertical cylindrical vessel with an elliptical bottom and weighing 343,2 tons, measures 11,45 meters in height and 5,6 meters in diameter.

AKKUYU NUCLEAR INC. Sergei Butckikh, First Deputy General Manager and Director of NGS Construction, said: “The manufacture and shipment of the main equipment for Akkuyu NPP is carried out in strict accordance with the set schedule. The reactor pressure vessel, designed to be installed on the second power unit of the plant, arrived at the NGS construction site. The reactor pressure vessel has successfully covered approximately 9 kilometers from Saint Petersburg to Mersin. Required permissions for the reactor pressure vessel to enter Turkey, AKKUYU NÜKLEER A.Ş. It was received from NDK by the Warehouse Logistics and Customs Department experts and customs clearance of the cargo was carried out. The equipment was unloaded from the ship to the Eastern Cargo Terminal. It was then transported and placed at a temporary storage point where the reactor pressure vessel would go through the ingress control procedure. We plan to install the equipment in the reactor compartment of the 2nd power unit this year. The reactor pressure vessel, which operates under special conditions, ensures the sealing of the reactor during the operation process, safe fuel supply and operation of the reactor for at least 60 years.

The production of the reactor pressure vessel of the 2nd power unit of Akkuyu NPP started in March 2019 at Izhorsk Factories. During manufacture, all tests were carried out, including the hydraulic test as well as the control assembly with devices inside the pressure vessel. As a result of the tests, the special commission confirmed that in the construction of the equipment all project parameters were observed and the product was of high quality. All major stages of equipment manufacturing were done under the supervision of Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NDK) inspectors.

Meanwhile, the reactor pressure vessel for the 3rd Power Unit of Akkuyu NPP continues to be manufactured at Atommash, the Volgodonsk branch of AEM Technology A.Ş., which is under Rosatom’s engineering unit Atomenergomash.

Source: Railly News