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Strike cuts nuclear, coal-fired power output in France

Nuclear power generation in France declined by 4.1 GW on Thursday as supply at multiple power stations along with two coal-fired units were slashed due to the start of a strike, grid operator RTE and plant operator EDF said.

  • More than 4 GW of nuclear capacity unavailable
  • Capacity at two Cordemais coal units at zero

The strike, which began late Wednesday evening, is backed by the FNME-CGT union, which has planned more strike action in the next three months.

On Thursday, EDF’s 915 MW Cruas-3 and 905 MW Chinon-3 were running at a reduced capacity of around 300 MW until 9 pm, RTE data showed.

Belleville-1 and Nogent-1 nuclear power units, each with 1.3 GW of capacity, saw production drop to 1 GW and 600 MW, respectively.

The 880 MW Fessenheim-1 facility was running at reduced capacity and only 180 MW was available to the grid.

In addition, no electricity was expected to be generated at two 580 MW Cordemais coal-fired power units-4, 5 until Thursday evening.

Nuclear power production stood at just short of 42 GW, while negligible amount of power output was recorded from coal-fired plants across France amid prevailing warm weather conditions.

Above-average temperatures also meant limited boost from strike and the subsequent generation cut as demand for heating remained low.

French power prices for Thursday delivery were at more than a one-week low in Wednesday’s trading session.

Source: Platts News