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Initiative challenges ban on new Swiss nuclear power plants

Switzerland should lift a ban on new nuclear power plants, according to a popular initiative entitled “Electricity for all at all times (stop the blackout)”.

On Friday, the authors of the petition submitted around 130,000 signatures to the Federal Chancellery.

The initiative aims to overturn a ban on the construction of new nuclear power plants that was passed by voters in 2017.

The initiative committee argues that the environmentally and climate-friendly combination of hydropower and nuclear power was unnecessarily abandoned.

In the future, Switzerland needs environmentally friendly electricity, clear responsibilities for electricity security and to achieve technology neutrality without restrictions.

The initiative was launched by centre-right circles. The committee includes representatives from the Swiss People’s Party, Radical Party, Centre Party and various business associations.

The question is whether the Federal Council or parliament will draw up a counter-proposal to the initiative.

Environmental organisations and opponents of nuclear power react indignantly to the initiative and speak of a “smoke screen of the nuclear lobby”, among other things.

Source: Swissinfo.ch