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Concrete to be poured for 2nd reactor at Dabaa Nuclear plant Nov. 19: Official

Head of the Nuclear Power Plants Authority Amjad Al-Wakeel, revealed that, according to the agreed timetable for the Dabaa nuclear plant project, concrete will be poured for the second reactor with a capacity of 1200 megawatts on November 19.
This will coincide with the celebrations of the Nuclear Energy Day.
He further added that the first nuclear reactor will operate with a capacity of 1200 megawatts to generate electricity according to the timetable of the commercial project in 2028, pointing out that the rest of the reactors will be operated successively at full capacity in 2030 to reach the total capacity generated from Nuclear energy on the national electricity grid is 4800 megawatts.
Al-Wakeel added that the Dabaa nuclear power plant with a capacity of 4800 megawatts is considered environmentally friendly and enjoys the highest standards of nuclear safety, in addition to that the project won the second best project in the world.
The governmental agreement between Egypt and Russia represented by the Russian company Rosatom provides for the construction of reactors for the plant. This generation has a simple design and is resistant to operator error, the “human factor”.
It is worth noting that November 19 is the day of signing government contracts between Egypt and the Russian Federation to start implementing the Egyptian nuclear project to generate electricity in 2015. It is a holiday for Egyptians, which witnessed the realization of the Egyptian nuclear dream.
Source: Egypt Today