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New survey from Finnish Energy reveals that support for nuclear is higher than ever

The support for nuclear power in Finland is higher than ever. This is the result from a survey carried out by Kantar Public for Finnish Energy.

According to Finnish Energy’s press release, 60% of respondents have a positive attitude towards nuclear power, while only 11% take a negative stance. The survey material was collected in April 2022. Support for nuclear power in Finland has been measured continually since 1983. This spring, the result was higher than ever before.

Climate reasons have been one of the main factors behind the popularity of nuclear power already for a long time. The majority, 62%, believed that nuclear power is an important means for combating climate change.

With the start of Olkiluoto 3’s electricity production, the emissions from Finnish electricity production decrease to an even lower level than before. The increase of nuclear power brings more domestic electricity, self-sufficiency, and security of supply to the markets. The demand for electricity is to grow significantly in the coming years, when fossil fuels are replaced with clean electricity in transport, heating, and industry.

Technological development also interests people. Small modular reactors (SMR) are being developed alongside the current large nuclear power plants. SMRs could produce electricity and/or heat. SMRs are meant to be serially manufactured, which would lead to both cost and schedule benefits.

The popularity of nuclear power is also influenced by the fact that Finland will be completing the first ever final disposal solution for spent nuclear fuel. Posiva’s ONKALO is to be completed in the mid-2020s. The spent nuclear fuel will be placed in the bedrock at a depth of approximately 430 metres, and it will be isolated from organic nature with multiple safety solutions.

Source: TVO