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India has Started Construction of Kudankulam NPP Unit 6

On December 20, 2021, the main construction period of the Kudankulam NPP Unit 6 (in the Republic of India) was officially launched through the first concreting in the foundation slab of the reactor building.
“The first two NPP power units are demonstrating the sustainable operation at the nominal power level. The power units of the second stage are being constructed, namely the works are underway at Unit 3 to prepare for installation of the reactor pressure vessel.
In June of this year, the first concrete was laid at the power unit No. 5, and on December 20, the first concreting was launched at the power unit No. 6. The third stage of the Kudankulam NPP relating to the main construction period will provide additional power capacity to ensure the industrial and commercial development of businesses in the Tamil Nadu region and the Republic of India as a whole; moreover, it will promote more confidence in our friendly countries’ prospects to expand peaceful nuclear cooperation by using the most advanced projects of high-capacity nuclear power units of the Russian design ”, Andrey Lebedev, ASE JSC Vice-President for Projects in India and Prospective Projects pointed out.
The equipment required for the top-priority installation at Units 5&6 is being supplied now and the construction process is being supported by the working documentation.
Source: Rosatom