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Hassan Allam, Titan launch new company to construct El-Dabaa nuclear power plant

Financial, contractual details of partnership will be announced next February: Al-Dahshoury

Egypt’s leading engineering, construction, and infrastructure company Hassan Allam Holding has partnered with the Russian company Titan Holding to launch a joint company to carry out construction works of the El-Dabaa nuclear power plant.

Mohamed Al-Dahshoury, CEO of Hassan Allam Construction (HAC), told Daily News Egypt that the procedures for launching the company are being completed in coordination with the Russian Titan Company, and the company is scheduled to be launched next February.

He added that the aim of the Egyptian-Russian partnership is to increase expertise in carrying out construction works at the El-Dabaa nuclear power plant, as well as unify efforts and use equipment and devices in carrying out the tasks assigned to the two companies.

He explained that agreement is underway on the name of the company to be launched, and its capital is still the subject of discussions. “We aim to participate in all construction works and provide materials and equipment for the four nuclear power reactors at the El-Dabaa nuclear plant,” he added.

He mentioned that there are 40 Egyptian factories that produce materials and products that serve the nuclear sector, and the Hassan Allam Group follows European, international and American standards in its factories.

Al-Dahshoury said that the number of workers affiliated with Hassan Allam Company who are present at the Dabaa nuclear site reaches 950 workers and engineers, and the number is scheduled to increase to reach 2,000 workers and engineers in the coming period.

He added that the Hassan Allam Holding currently owns more than 250 equipment and devices to implement the construction works at the El-Dabaa nuclear site, and the company is ready to implement the construction works on the project in cooperation with the Russian Titan.

Vladimir Minayev, director of nuclear projects at Titan, said in exclusive statements to Daily News Egypt that it was agreed to supply quantities of metal structures for the equipment of the El-Dabaa site, amounting to 10,000 tonnes, of which Titan provides about 8,000 tonnes from its factories in Russia, while Hassan Allam provides 2,000 tonnes through its factories in Egypt.

He explained that there have been reciprocal visits in the recent period between the two companies, Titan and Hassan Allam, and officials from the Hassan Allam company visited the company’s factories in Russia to get acquainted with the capabilities of the factories as well as to agree on the timetable for implementation.

He stressed that the coming period will witness the establishment of an educational facility in partnership with Hassan Allam to train employees to work in El-Dabaa, as well as teach them the Russian language to facilitate communication with their Russian counterparts.

It is scheduled that Rosatom and the Nuclear Power Plants Authority will obtain permission to start construction and pour the first concrete at the El-Dabaa nuclear power plant during the second half of next year.

Source: Daily News Egypt