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Calls for Sizewell C green light to continue Hinkley innovation

Innovations developed on the Hinkley Point C project are at risk if the proposed Sizewell C nuclear power station is not approved.

Working on Hinkley Point C has allowed Cambridgeshire company Force One to explore new innovative technology, which could also be used at Sizewell.

As such, the firm believes this level of innovation is at risk if Sizewell C is not approved. It has penned a letter to the government urging them to give the power station the green light.

In the letter, Force One highlighted how working on Hinkley Point C has provided the opportunity to innovate, enabling the firm to invent a new machine that can be operated remotely and in a safer and more efficient way.

This small, tracked machine – a new linked extension vehicle to their suction excavators – can be operated via remote control, and at distance from their main road-based suction vehicles, meaning it can reach more areas safely.

Previously, areas where suction excavation technology could not reach would have to be dug by hand, which was often gruelling and dangerous work. This new technology and expanded nuclear opportunity has helped Force One win new contracts and customers.

The company recently became a member of the Sizewell C Consortium – a group of over 200 leading nuclear suppliers in the UK – to highlight the importance of Sizewell C being built. In March this year, the Consortium signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the East of England, pledging to invest £4.4bn in the East of England if Sizewell C goes ahead.

The Net Zero Strategy – published in October – implies that the Sizewell C development is currently favoured by government for a large scale nuclear plant.

It revealed that the government remains “in negotiations” with the developer on the Sizewell C project in Suffolk regarding plans for a large nuclear power station.

Force One chief executive Patrick Burke emphasised that projects like Hinkley Point C are helping businesses “create new, innovative technology”.

He said: “This then helps us expand our business, supplying more jobs for local people here in Cambridgeshire. We encourage the government to support Sizewell C, as this will help us expand our business even further and provide brilliant economic opportunities here in Cambridgeshire and across the country.”

Sizewell C Consortium spokesperson Cameron Gilmour added: “Force One is a fantastic example of the level of innovation that can be achieved by the nuclear industry and we look forward to taking this further with Sizewell C.

“Sizewell C will not only deliver jobs, skills, long-term economic growth and investment to the local area but it will also be a driving force for innovation. It’s imperative that the government gives Sizewell C the go-ahead so we don’t risk losing out on the innovation that is at the heart of the nuclear industry.”

Source: New Civil Engineer