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CNNC negotiates cooperation with Ansaldo Nucleare

CNNC Chairman Yu Jianfeng met with Roberto Adinolfi, chief executive officer of Ansaldo Nucleare in Genoa, Italy, on June 10.

During the meeting, Yu stressed that China, as a major nuclear power, is in a strong position to develop nuclear energy.

As a major Italian producer and supplier of nuclear power equipment and equipment for nuclear facility decommissioning, Ansaldo Nucleare cooperates with CNNC in many areas, Yu said, adding that the prospects for cooperation between the two parties is promising.

He expressed hope that both parties would take advantage of their strengths to enhance cooperation.

Adinolfi said that Ansaldo Nucleare is honored to be involved in China’s nuclear development.

He looked forward to the two parties cooperating in research on high-end technology and exploring the international nuclear market.

He hoped that research teams from both sides would cooperate in technology, engineering, management, strategic investment, and market exploration in order to celebrate the upcoming 50th anniversary of Italy establishing diplomatic ties with China.

Source: CNNC