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Japan to move back to nuclear, reducing LNG demand

Japan is set to once more reduce its reliance on LNG and increase use of nuclear power, according to reports cited by Reuters.

The country is restarting more nuclear reactors this year, with Kansai Electric and Kyushu Eelectric both having put their nuclear operations back into action recently.

Kansai Electric Power is set to restart its 870MW No. 4 reactor at its Takahama station later this week, Reuters reports, stating that Kyushu Electric Power has already restarted its No.2 reactor at its Sendai plant.

The No. 2 reactor has a capacity of 890MW and brings the total number of active reactors owned by Kyushu up to four.

Since the Fukushima disaster in March 2011, Japan became less reliant on nuclear power, and as such the country is currently the largest buyer of liquefied natural gas (LNG). Prior to Fukushima, the country got approximately 1/3 of its power from nuclear resources.

A spokesperson from Kansai stated that the three units it currently has working will save a total of $1.5bn in annual fuel costs.

Source: Energy Digital