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Russian Rosatom may build low-power nuclear reactor in Jordan

Jordan’s Atomic Energy Commission and Rusatom Overseas (Russian Rosatom corporation) signed an agreement, according to which a project for the construction of a Russian-design small modular reactor will be built in Jordan.

As RNS reports on Monday citing Rosatom’s message, the agreement envisages conducting the project’s feasibility study and allows the parties to benefit from the cooperation on small modular reactors. It will also allow for assessing the feasibility and potential of the exploitation of small modular reactors in Jordan amid a backdrop of the changing situation in the country’s energy market.

“Russia has an internationally recognized extensive expertise in small modular reactors. As early as 2019, Rosatom will launch a floating nuclear power plant Akademik Lomonosov, which will become a unique reference project for a nuclear power plant of this type. In addition, Rosatom is developing projects of small modular reactors of Russian design intended for the ground”, the state corporation was quoted as saying.

Rosatom has specified that one of the main advantages of nuclear power plants of this type, in addition to their modular design, is the multi-purpose use, in particular for the desalination and heat production.

Source: Construction.RU