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Husab uranium mine tops job creation list in Namibia’s mining industry

Swakop Uranium which owns the Husab uranium mine, one of the biggest uranium mine in the world, was the largest employer in the country’s mining industry in 2017, according to the Chamber of Mines CEO, Veston Malango.

Malango highlighted this in his welcoming remarks at the two-day 7th Namibia Mining Expo and Conference which kicked off on Wednesday in Windhoek.
According to Malango, permanent employees at the Husab Mine at end of 2017 were 1,620, while temporary employees were 176 and contractors were 522. Husab was followed by Namdeb which had 965 Namibians and 35 expatriates.

Malango said that the mining sector for 2017 in total employed 16,905 personnel which is 2.5 percent of the total labor force.

Meanwhile, in the Chamber of Mines review of the year in focus all aspects of labor relations remained sound and no strikes were recorded.

According to the review the interaction between Namibia-China has nurtured a unique culture, in which employees from both countries learn from each other to breed a high performance culture of excellence, quality and success.

The Husab Uranium Mine in Namibia is one of China’s biggest single investment in Africa. Following production of its first drum of yellow cake in Dec. 2016, Swakop Uranium produced 1,345 tonnes of uranium oxide in 2017 and the company expects to reach full capacity by 2019 in accordance with their planned schedule. Enditem

Source: NewsGhana