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Bruce Power Announces $22 Million ‘Made In Ontario’ Contract

Bruce Power says it’s advancing its ‘Made in Ontario’ economic recovery strategy with a $22 million contract.

The nuclear operator announced Thursday (Sept 16) Candu Energy Inc., a member of the SNC Lavalin Group, has teamed up with BWXT Nuclear Energy Canada Inc. to provide 38 drive mechanisms for reactivity control units, to support the continued life of Bruce Power’s nuclear fleet.

A release from Bruce Power says this contract, valued at about $22 million, will be completed in Ontario through to 2025.

The company says it aligns with Bruce Power’s strategy to contribute to job growth and economic revitalization in the province.

It says the Made in Ontario strategy includes a private investment of $3 billion over 18 months through the company’s Life-Extension Program, medical isotope development, and asset optimization strategy.

Bruce Power President and CEO Mike Rencheck says, “By focusing our investments in Ontario, Bruce Power is creating and sustaining tens of thousands of highly-skilled jobs, supporting economic recovery.”

He adds, “This investment also builds on creating opportunities in rural areas and Indigenous communities in the province and brings ‘made-in-Ontario’ technology to the forefront of worldwide nuclear innovation.”

Sandy Taylor, President, Nuclear, SNC Lavalin says in a statement, “SNC Lavalin and BWXT teamed up to combine the best of nuclear engineering design, testing and precision manufacturing to support the continued life of CANDU® reactors at Bruce stations A and B,” adding, “This is critical as nuclear provides a sustainable and responsible carbon-free energy, and plays an important role in helping Canada achieve its Net Zero objectives.”

Source: Bayshore Broadcasting