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BWXT Awarded $28 Million Contract for Continued Mobile Microreactor Design

BWX Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: BWXT) today announced a $28 million, 12-month contract award from the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Strategic Capabilities Office (SCO) for the final design of a transportable microreactor prototype under the second phase of its Project Pele initiative.

SCO is partnering with the U.S. Department of Energy to develop, prototype and demonstrate a mobile microreactor that can be used to provide resilient power needs for the DoD for a variety of operational needs. Consistent with its role as an independent safety and security regulator, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is providing SCO with additional technical expertise and information on regulatory and licensing processes for advanced reactors to ensure a safe, secure and innovative design. Such reactors provide the opportunity to make the DoD’s domestic infrastructure more resilient to an electric grid attack, while fundamentally simplifying energy logistics and delivery for forward operating bases without increasing carbon emissions.

BWXT announced a $14 million award in March 2020 for initial design under the first phase of this project. Following completion of this second design phase of the project, as well as of the ongoing environmental analysis under the National Environmental Policy Act, SCO could competitively award the manufacturing and deployment of the transportable nuclear reactor prototype in a demonstration phase.

“We believe that our innovative designs, combined with our existential licensed facilities and manufacturing capabilities, set BWXT apart in the microreactor market,” said Ken Camplin, president of BWXT’s Nuclear Services Group. “Our engineering capabilities are ideally suited for projects like this that require pairing first-of-a-kind technological solutions with proven production techniques to develop a fresh option for meeting power generation needs.”

A team led by BWXT’s Advanced Technologies LLC subsidiary will conduct the work primarily at one of its Lynchburg, Virginia locations beginning in March 2021.


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