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Russia launches a technical documentation shop for nuclear power plant customers

After successfully running a beta version, Russian nuclear utility Rosenergoatom (part of state nuclear corporation Rosatom) has launched a unique digital sales support service.

The so-called “technical documentation e-shop” provides access to all necessary regulatory and technical documentation to operate Russian-designed nuclear power plants. Organisations, from a computer or a phone, can quickly and conveniently find and order these documents online from an easy-to-use database.

Ekaterina Solntseva, Rosatom’s director for digitalisation said: “We spotted a gap in the market to provide a system which would allow a quick and convenient means to provide and share such important documents. Our colleagues at Rosenergoatom have done an excellent job in offering customers modern and convenient digital solutions.”

The online store is expected to enable customers all over the world to increase the safe operation level of nuclear reactors at all stages of the life cycle. It is also expected to reduce the time and cost of implementing and constructing nuclear power plants, as customers will no longer have to design their own regulatory framework. It will also facilitate and speed up the process of obtaining licences and other permits from supervisory and other government bodies.

Deputy CEO and Business Development Director of Rosenergoatom Nikita Konstantinov explained that the project was based on the Automated Technical Documentation Control Systems (ATDCS) used at Rosenergoatom.

“The huge amount of research we carried out has resulted in the upload of more than 1100 documents into our e-store. These include documents related to export products, such as the innovative Generation 3+ VVER-type power units, worth more than $6.5 million,” he added.

Konstantinov said Rosenergoatom plans to improve the service to adapt documents to specific requirements of customers looking to build VVER reactors. It will provide them with packages detailing any regulatory, scientific, and design documentation necessary for obtaining a licence and so on, to ensure safe operation of the plant.

The project was carried out jointly by Rosenergoatom’s Department of International Business and Development and its IT Project Management and Integration Department. It also involved the Innovative Development Office, and Rosatom’s Digitalisation Unit.

Source: Nuclear Engineering International