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Husab operations halted due to safety concerns

MINING operations at Swakop Uranium’s Husab mine in Erongo were stopped on Tuesday after workers aired concerns over their safety in light of claims that unchecked explosives and detonators were discovered on the site.

Sources on the mine told The Namibian that about 500 workers in the mining department stopped working yesterday already and will not return to work until their concerns are investigated and the mine declared as safe by their employer.

The workers warned that if this is not done soon, the processing department of about 1 200 workers would also shut down as it would not be supplied by the miners.

A petition was handed over to the mine’s management this morning and vice president of human resources Percy McCallum said operations were stopped to ensure that the potentially dangerous situations are fully investigated.

The issue is linked to the alleged non-compliance and recklessness of a Chinese explosives contractor.

Source: The Namibian