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Kazakhstan, Brazil To Sign Nuclear Energy Agreement

Brazil is eager to continue supplying Kazakh uranium ore concentrate, Kazakhstan’s Ambassador Plenipotentiary and Extraordinary to Brazil, Kairat Sarzhanov said Thursday.

At a briefing here in Astana, Sarzhanov recalled that the list of products exported from Kazakhstan to Brazil had been updated and now included uranium ore concentrate.

In April 2018, Kazatomprom company won a $1.3.7 million worth tender on supply of uranium ore concentrate for Industrias Nucleares do Brasil (INB).

“Prior to my trip to Kazakhstan I met with INB President. We discussed the opportunities of cooperation with our company. The Brazilian side invites Kazakhstani experts to visit the atomic stations in Rio de Janeiro and expresses interest in further import of uranium ore concentrate,” said Sarzhanov.

He said the draft agreement on cooperation in peaceful use of nuclear energy was being negotiated now.

“The agreement is expected to open new opportunities both for Kazakhstan and Brazil in use and development of nuclear energy. Besides, Brazil is keen on studying Kazakhstan’s experience in uranium extraction by means of in-situ leaching,” he said.

The State Revenues Committee of the Ministry of Finance says commodity turnover between Kazakhstan and Brazil made $82.3 million in January-August 2018 ($31.8 million – Kazakhstani export and $50.5 million – import from Brazil).

Kazakhstan imports sugar, tobacco, plane, machinery, construction materials, meat and orange juice from Brazil. In turn, Brazil imports sulfur, Si-based ferroalloys, plastic and rubber products as well as ferrous metals from Kazakhstan.

Source: UrduPoint