EXCLUSIVE TO SIGHTLINEU3O8 – In response to numerous requests, we are pleased to launch a new section of research focused on those public companies operating in the uranium supply space.  

UComparables will provide metrics and data gathered across the entire spectrum of uranium exploration companies and uranium development companies.

Who is Included

For the small community of mining companies currently producing uranium around the world, there are many resources available to investors to analyze, evaluate and compare opportunities.  For the smaller uranium development and exploration companies, however, similar evaluations require extensive research.  For that reason, we have chosen to focus solely on those companies.

We are defining Development Companies as any public company (without a producing uranium asset) that has announced plans to prepare an economic evaluation of a known uranium deposit.  We have been able to identify only 17 such companies around the world.

We are defining Exploration Companies as any public company, actively exploring for uranium that has not yet disclosed plans to evaluate the economic potential of a deposit.  In this category, we have identified 19 such companies globally.

What will we be Comparing

It is not our intention to provide analysis or opinion as to the investment potential of these companies.  We would expect investors to perform their own due diligence and arrive at their own conclusions.

What we will look at are those metrics and data points, common across the companies that investors can use as input to their decision-making process.

We will identify metrics that measure the performance of management, the value of their projects and the financial health of the companies.  We will accumulate and publish new metrics over time, eventually creating a broad table of comparables.  

With this first issue, we will look at Overhead Spending, Project Jurisdiction and Share Liquidity.

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