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V.PLU: Announces New CEO Search

Plateau Energy Metals Inc. has initiated a search for a new chief executive officer as the company evolves into a lithium and uranium developer following the recent Falchani lithium discovery.

A new CEO search has been initiated, with the formation of a search committee, comprised of independent directors, and the appointment of a well-respected Mining Recruitment Specialist Group to assist. The incumbent CEO, Ted O’Connor, will step down from his current role on expiry of his contract in June 2018. Mr. O’Connor will remain on the Board of Directors and will continue to be involved with the Company going forward.

Ted O’Connor, CEO of Plateau Energy Metals, commented: “As we transition through discovery towards becoming a Lithium development company with excellent accompanying Uranium assets, management of the Company needs to be positioned to best deal with the issues pertaining to project development. This is a natural evolution for successful exploration companies which, like Plateau, have survived difficult market conditions as an explorer to enter the exciting phase of project development. Plateau stands today as the result of something which our COO, Laurence Stefan and I had independently built at different companies since 2004, and together since 2013 with our Chairman, Ian Stalker. I continue to be enthusiastic for the future of the Macusani Project, and will not only be involved in the selection of my replacement, but will remain intimately engaged with the Company on a technical and Board level.”

Ian Stalker, Chairman of Plateau Energy Metals “Our search for a new CEO demonstrates, I believe, our desire to be a top tier Lithium and Uranium development company, and attempt to access the best of talent the industry can offer. It’s obvious that our recent Lithium discovery brings a new dimension to our business and this search reflects this change. Ted O’ Connor has been an excellent Ambassador and CEO for PLU. The fact that Ted is remaining with us on the Board is testament to his abilities. I, on behalf of the Board, thank him for his contributions in the past and continuing input in the future.”

About Plateau Energy Metals

Plateau Energy Metals Inc. is a Canadian lithium and uranium exploration and development company focused on its properties on the Macusani Plateau in southeastern Peru. The Company controls all reported uranium resources known in Peru, significant and growing lithium resources and mineral concessions covering over 91,000 hectares (910 km2) situated near significant infrastructure.

Source: Stockwatch