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Kazakhstan, China to build nuclear fuel assembly plant

Kazakh Kazatomprom JSC and Chinese CGNPC company jointly build a plant for the production of fuel assemblies.

The plant will be commissioned in 2019 and start production output in 2020, said the Energy Minister of Kazakhstan Kanat Bozumbayev in an interview to ‘Kazakhstanskaya Pravda’ newspaper.

The plant will supply 200 tons of nuclear fuel per year to China, with further creation of a domestic enterprise for the conversion of uranium.

“The construction of a fuel assembly plant is one of the projects implemented under the Ulba Metallurgical Plant within Kazatomprom’s strategy. The strategy includes creation of an integrated company, manufacturing fuel for nuclear power plants,” said Bozumbayev.

Kazatomprom JSC will also be involved in construction of a nuclear power plant in Kazakhstan, according to the minister. The details of the construction will be considered by the Kazakh government in 2018.

“The reserves of low-enriched uranium in Kazakhstan amount to 90 tons. All the reserves of uranium hexafluoride belong to the International Atomic Energy Agency, and are being stored in standard cylinders of 30B type.”

Source: Azernews

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