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French regulator’s review show two more nuclear reactors safe

PARIS, Nov 3 (Reuters) – France’s ASN nuclear regulator has said two reactors, Chooz 2 and St Laurent 2, are safe after examining files submitted by EDF in a review of components of all the utility’s nuclear plants.

An EDF spokeswoman said ASN had not yet given the green light for resuming operations at the two reactors as this was usually done a few hours before restarting.

The 900 megawatt (MW) St Laurent 2 reactor, offline since Sept. 23, is scheduled to restart on Nov. 7, while the 1,500 MW Chooz 2, halted on Aug. 4, is due to come online on Nov. 9.

ASN’s analysis of files submitted by EDF concerning its 900 MW Dampierre 3, the 1,300 MW Penly 1 and the 900 MW Cruas 3 reactors was continuing, the spokeswoman added.

ASN ordered the component reviews on all 58 EDF reactors in August following an investigation into manufacturing documents. Until now, one reactor has been authorised to restart.

The watchdog had said it would only authorise the restarting of each reactor after a thorough analysis of every file.

Worries that a prolonged delay in restarting the reactors in coming weeks could lead to tight supply situation in nuclear-reliant France has contributed to a sharp rise in French and wider European forward electricity prices.

EDF has until end-2018 to complete the review of the components in its fleet of 58 reactors. It has submitted 12 files so far to the regulator.

Source: EDF

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