SLU3O8 Equity Index




SLU3O8 Equity Index By Category





The SLU3O8 Equity Index tracks the relative share price of a select basket of uranium-based equities, checking the market’s reaction to industry activities.  The Index is based on share price movement since January 1, 2018 for the following companies:

  • Producers: T.CCO, T.DML, T.EFR, A.ERA, A.PDN, A.PEN, T.URE and U.UEC
  • Developers: V.AEC, L.BKL, T.FCU, T.FSY, V.GXU, T.LAM, T.NXE, A.TOR, T.UEX and A.VMY
  • Explorers: V.AEC, A.BMN, A.DYL, V.FUU, V.PTU and V.SYH


SLU3O8 UEquity List of Companies